Published: March 5 19, 2018

Dracula is among the best-known men in the world, yet arguably the least understood. While many stories have been told about both the real and the fictional Dracula, Foia’s account benefits from the unique perspective of a Transylvanian native. Under his pen, Dracula Chronicles finally pierces the veil of mystery that has shrouded the Wallachian king for over 500 years. The multi-volume historical novel unfolds in vivid detail Dracula’s metamorphosis from a naïve prince to the ruthless law-and-order king whose deeds have spawned the most enduring vampire legend. Taking place on the backdrop of the dying Middle Ages and the blossoming of the Renaissance, Dracula Chronicles is replete with passions, ambitions, betrayals, and revenge.

Book Four, Death of Kings”, shows Prince Vlad, a.k.a. Dracula, as a key player on the European political stage. Sultan Murad has embarked upon a secret gamble to replace jihād against Christendom with a long-term peace. Vlad, driven by a belief in a hundred-year-old prophecy, commits to assisting him. But his mission is beset by deadly threats from old and new enemies. When all hope appears lost, only his sense of honor and the longing to return to the woman he loves keep him going.


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  1. Terry Moore says:

    When does the Dracula chronicles Book Five ,Six,and Seven come out Terry

    • Victor says:

      Hello Terry,

      My intent is to issue one volume every year. However, this year a series of unavoidable events have slowed me down with Book Three, House of War (the draft is about 60% completed). In the best case it is now likely to be published at the very end of this year, not in the fall, as I was hoping. If my editing team is not available when I have the manuscript ready for them (they are professional editors engaged in multiple projects), the publication will be pushed into early 2016. This will cause a domino effect on the remaining volumes, which means they will all come out slightly delayed from the original schedule. So, to answer your question in a direct manner, Books Five, Six, and Seven, SHOULD come out at the end of 2017, 2018, and 2019, respectively. But, as life events do tend to interfere all the time, this very ambitious schedule could slide a bit. 🙂

      I apologize to you and the many thousands of readers whom such delays will certainly disappoint.

      Best wishes,


      P.S. I infer you’ve read Book One and Two. Did you write an Amazon review for each volume? If yes, you have my gratitude. If no, you would do this author and future readers a great kindness by writing the two reviews.

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