This is the old town of Schassburg (Sighisoara), Transylvania. Dracula was born here in the ocher-colored house at the right of the clock tower. Today it is the site of a quaint restaurant. Sighisoara is designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Every year the town is host to an increasingly popular Halloween party, for reason that are obvious.

At the time of Dracula’s birth, his father, the future King Dracul of Wallachia, was the military governor of south-east Transylvania. He was appointed to this post by Sigismund of Luxembourg, who at the time was both King of Hungary and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (see the Houses of Dracula Chronicles on this site).

A few years after Dracula’s birth, his father was elected King of Wallachia, the Danubian province south of the mountains from Transylvania (see Maps of Dracula Chronicles on this site). Wallachia had been ruled at that time for over a hundred years by the Basarab dynasty to whom Dracula himself belonged.

There is understandable confusion in the mind of many Dracula admirers regarding his Transylvanian origins and his subsequent rule over Wallachia. The section titled the World of Dracula Chronicles on this site attempts to outline the relationship between Transylvania, Hungary, and Wallachia that was prevalent in the 15th century. The author would gladly reply to any comments on this subject left here.

Dracula’s Birthplace

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