What would your tomb look like if you were the most powerful person in an empire? After you died, of course 🙂

Here is an example of how two people with enormous power over their subjects have been honored after their death.

Murad II, sultan of the Ottoman Empire during Dracula’s teenage years, is buried in a simple mausoleum with a hole in the roof. He asked in his last Will and Testament that his tomb be covered in dirt, and that a whole in the roof be provided (see picture of hole in the ceiling, below), so that rain could fall on his tomb. To my knowledge, no other mausoleum has such a feature. In today’s parlance I think you could call this a “green” burial.

Napoleon, Emperor of the French, by contrast has one of the most magnificent mausoleums I’ve seen. In all fairness, he did not ask for it. His mortal remains were brought from the Island of St. Helena decades after he died there. But if Napoleon did have anything to say about his mausoleum at Les Invalides, in Paris, I would not be surprised if he complained it was too small and too modest.  Incidentally, one part of his body is missing from his casket. Do you know which one?  I will make a separate posting on that subject, to show you how profitable a little knowledge of history can be. LOL

Murat had the power to kill or have have ANYONE in his empire killed without an explanation. Alas, Napoleon could not boast the same freedom, although he could order hundreds of thousands of people (mostly men) to go die for the empire in far-flung places.

Unique Rain Portal Over Tomb

Tomb Covered in Plain Dirt

Napoleon's Tomb

Napoleon’s Tomb

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