Sixty some years ago, when I was growing up in Transylvania, wolves would descend from the forest above our town and prowl in our orchard in winter nights. We could see their eyes glow yellow among the trees. At first their howls were terrifying to us children. But in time we got used to them.

Transylvania contains the most significant populations of large carnivores in all of Europe west of Russia. Around 2,500 wolves live there (over 15 percent of Europe’s wolf population, excluding Russia), about 5,000 European brown bears, and 1,800 Eurasian lynx.

Prince of Wales

Prince Charles in Transylvania

It seems HRM, The Prince of Wales has his own nostalgia about those simpler times when you could just walk outside your cottage and listen to the wolves at night. As you see below, he has acquired properties in Transylvania where he can recapture the charm of yesteryear.

A dear friend of mine from Rome, Italy, spent two weeks last summer at The Prince of Wale’s guesthouse, where you too could experience the wild life of Transylvania. She was so pleased with the scenery and the accommodations she cannot wait to return there next summer.

[Quotation from the home page of HRM The Prince of Wales’ Guesthouse]

Prince Charles Guesthouse in Transylvania

“The Prince of Wales owns the property that had originally been built for the former ‘judge’ who was overseeing the manufacture and the village. It is composed of several buildings, and has a patch of forest and extensive flower meadows with mineral springs and small brooks belonging to it. The property is characterized by its rich biodiversity of plants, mushrooms, insects, birds and large mammals including bears (sometimes crossing the back yard). Wolves can be heard howling at times in winter nights.”

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