The History Channel features an hour-long program on the real Dracula, Vlad the Impaler. It is part of a series called “Cities of the Underworld”. This episode is titled “Dracula’s Underground” S1/Ep11 (2007). If you missed it watching it I recommend you try to see it On Demand.

Even though I have visited all of the sites featured in the program I still found this show both informative and inspirational.

While the story line is based on the existing apocrypha, authored mostly by his enemies, the visual aspects of the show are very edifying. You will see maps of the area and images of the ruins related to Vlad. Computer graphics help you visualize the various castles and fortresses the way they were at the time of Dracula. I consider this show a great primer for those who intend to read Dracula Chronicles. And if you wonder whether this program is a “plot spoiler” the answer is NO. Until Dracula Chronicles everything told about Dracula was based on a handful of documents written in his lifetime by people who had no sympathy for the ruthless but fair King (Voievod) of Wallachia. Dracula Chronicles takes a much broader view of Vlad and gives a very human face to this man who’s been misunderstood for 500 years.



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