Approved StampIn addition to being the kind of enthusiastic review every author pines for, the attached review on Amazon is also a rather detailed analysis of the “Son of the Dragon”, considering the space restrictions the writer had to consider. Thank you reader Maureen G.

5.0 out of 5 stars Devoured it!, February 26, 2013

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This review is from: Dracula Chronicles, Son of the Dragon (Kindle Edition)

As an avid reader (100+ titles annually) I am always excited to find a new author and especially a new series. Dracula Chronicles by Mr Foia is my greatest find in a long time. A story that is both historical and exciting that will keep your kindle at your side, or in my case in my purse, for any spare 10 minutes you can find in your day. The characters are well developed, the history is told in a very well written story format that is descriptive in a manner to paint beautiful pictures in your mind. I already care about the protagonist in this the first book. I laugh at his naivety, cringe at his embarrassments and feel proud at his accomplishments! The battles both on the field and within the Royal families are proof that truth is more facinating than fiction. Learning more about this area back in the ages is an added bonus for this reader. Mr. Foia you have done well ¡V now get us book #2. Quick!!! º your fans are waiting¡K. Seriously, thank you for bringing us this story. Sharing your knowledge and talent with the world is a great gift.



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