Amazon Review March 10, 2013

A book about a man whom history has pegged (unjustly) as one of the cruelest despots to walk the earth, can be expected  to be harsh and dark. One may be forgiven for not anticipating “beautiful imagery”,  a “majestic tapestry richly and intricately woven”, or “good laughs and winks hidden inside”. Yet this is precisely what the  sensitive and perceptive writer of the enclosed review found. Thank you E. Tokes.

5.0 out of 5 stars You won’t put this down before you finish it!, March 10, 2013


This review is from: Dracula Chronicles: Son of the Dragon (Volume 1) (Paperback)

With a complete respect to the older time’s ways of speaking, a clever and rich variety of vocabulary and authentic expressions, you feel yourself among the men of whom you are reading about! You feel entangled since page 1 and the grip only tightens as you flip through the pages; beautiful imagery makes sure to keep the reader in the majestic tapestry richly and intricately woven by incredibly talented Victor Foia.

What ever may your feelings be about the prime subject, you must read this for the way the story is told. It might change your perspective on myths and legends and old folks’ tales about the man who became a mythical figure. And don’t forget the good laughs and winks hidden inside!

Like any good story, this will take you in an unforgettable adventure and you might just as well “not sleep a wink the whole night, like a bride waiting to be deflowered.”

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