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Photo Credit: 720 WGN Radio “Weekend with Bill Moller” Show

720 WGN Radio “The Voice of Chicago” to interview Victor T Foia on the “Weekend with Bill Moller” talk show.

SATURDAY, JULY 13, 2013, 12:00 PM (CST)

Perhaps some of the readers of the Dracula Chronicles know that my first place of residence upon entering the USA in 1970 was Chicago. It is here I had my first job (as a Janitor’s Helper), learned to speak English  by listening to this very WGN Radio station (now you understand the genesis of my Mid-West accent), got my degree in Computer Science, got married to a wonderful woman (Diane) with whom I am celebrating 40 years of happy marriage this August. This is also where our two sons Justin and Timothy were born.

So it is with particular gratitude that I return to Chicago, my adopted hometown and one of the most exhilarating metropolises on earth, to share with the listeners of WGN worldwide my experience as a defector from behind the Iron Curtain, up-rooted refugee, successful legal immigrant, international business executive (CEO), and now “second-career” author of historical novels.

I hope you tune in to Bill’s entertaining and informative show, either on your radio or on line.

What Wikipedia says about WGN Radio

WGN (720 AM) is a radio station in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It is the only radio station owned by the Tribune Company, which also owns the flagship television station WGN 9, the Chicago Tribune newspaper and Chicago magazine locally. WGN’s transmitter is located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.[2] The station has a news-talk format and is the flagship station of Chicago Cubs baseball,Chicago Blackhawks hockey, Northwestern University football and men’s basketball…

WGN is a high-powered clear channel AM station (50,000 watts), which during nighttime hours is often audible over much of the USA, parts ofCanada, and sometimes as far away as Australia,Europe[3] and South America.[citation needed] The station also has a 24/7 Internet stream on its website, which carries the station’s broadcast programming… The call letters WGN originally referred to the Chicago Tribune – “World’s Greatest Newspaper”

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