Carlette Norwood Interviews Victor T. Foia From Washington, DC

As a first time author I’ve been enjoying a well deserved obscurity until recently. Except for being the subject of my own interest and amazement, few people cared, or indeed knew, of my existence as an author. Then overnight the situation changed, when a special lady smiled upon me. No, it wasn’t Oprah, but another media personality. Carlette Norwood has the talent not only to interview a wide variety of guests, but also to draw out  of them more than what they are able to express on their own. The hour-long interview on Lette’s Chat blog radio show in Washington, DC, has attracted an audience of over 1,000 people to date. That number appears to be still growing as new listeners tune in to the archived show. It’s probable that most visitors come to hear Carlette, whose charm and engaging personality are worthy prizes by themselves. But once people press the play button on Carlette’s page, they can’t help getting a bit of my own story as well, Transylvanian accent and all.

I am still my own principal admirer and cheerleader (no tutus, though), but now there are many people across the world who, thanks to Carlette, have heard of the Dracula Chronicles and its peculiar author.

Let me know what you think of the interview, and whether I should consider tutus for a heightened self-cheering effect. LOL








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  1. Mark Reynolds says:

    I enjoyed the radio interview. Carlette was great and a pleasure to listen to as she interviewed Victor and his journeys followed by the different chapters.

    A great matchup and dialog

    Well done

    • Carlette says:

      Mark, surely you make me blush. Victor is delightful and it was a pleasure to interview him. Thank you for stopping by to Chat and I do hope you hear/see you again. ~ Carlette

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