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Carlette Norwood’s Interview of Dracula Chronicles Author Victor T Foia a Great Hit With Listeners

The interest in Lette’s Chat blog radio interview of the Dracula Chronicles author Victor T Foia has been remarkable, considering the newness of both the author and the book. In addition to those who tuned in to the show live on February 28, 2013, more than one thousand current and future readers have listened to the archived material here since that day.

For callers, curiosity about the unknown Transylvanian writer with an unusual look and an “end of the world”  accent, mixed with with genuine interest in Vlad, aka Dracula. It is the real Dracula’s life story that  Foia, born in the shadow of Dracula’s birth-town of Schassburg, unveils in a 6-8 volumes “adventure series”. It is like “Harry Potter for grown ups”, a review on Amazon declares. Nearly all Amazon reviews express the reviewers’ anticipation of Book Two in the series, the “House of the Crescent Moon”, scheduled for publication in December 2013.

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