Empire of the Crescent Moon Front Cover

Book Two of the Dracula Chronicles

Book Two of the Dracula Chronicles, “Empire of the Crescent Moon” is now in the hands of my team of very professional and competent editors (Arlene & Terry).
Publishing is scheduled for December 2013.

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  1. John Colvin says:

    Victor, counting down the days, cannot wait to read “Empire of the Crescent Moon”

    • Victor says:

      John, I am very glad you have not forgotten the Dracula Chronicles. I’m sorry I put you and my other readers (and fans of Vlad) through such a long wait. But the good news is things are moving along. The moment I landed in Seattle this Monday, on my return from France, I received an email with the MS from my editors. They both have given the Empire of the Crescent Moon high marks, and that give me hopes my readers won’t be disappointed. I am now preparing a few maps to include in Book Two, and working on some revisions suggested by the editors. If everything goes as planned, Vlad will be back in action before the end of December. đŸ™‚

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