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Enthusiastic readers have been recommending the Dracula Chronicles to their children, parents, neighbors and friends. In one case I’ve heard of, even to their preacher!!!! But the writer of this eloquent and insightful review goes a step farther: she recommends it to people she has has yet to meet: guests at her vacation cabins (which I assume are in the woods, to make for a tense reading atmosphere. Now I can truly hear the “Children of the Night” LOL).  Thank you reader Lois McFadden.

5.0 out of 5 stars The Real Dracula!!!, March 14, 2013
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Well, I always thought Dracula was a blood sucking vampire and not a 15th century Romanian prince. The Dracula that I knew of was from Bram Stoker’s novel and the 1992 horror movie directed and produced by Francis Ford Coppola. The movie was a hit and drastically impacted our perception of who Dracula really was. Actually, my husband knew more of the ‘real’ Dracula than I.

I am impressed with Mr. Foia’s historical research and writing in “Dracula Chronicles: Son of the Dragon” and am anxiously awaiting the sequel. The book was very well written and caught my interest from the beginning. Once I started reading this novel, I had a hard time putting it down. It is fascinating that Mr. Foia hailed from the same area that Vlad/Dracula lived and it is no wonder that he became interested enough to write a historical novel about Dracula. Foia’s novel gives much insight to the early formative years of Vlad and helps to dispel the myths set out by Bram Stoker and the movie.

Hats off to Victor Foia on this highly successful and well written book! Am anxious to read Mr. Foia’s next book!

I have purchased some additional copies of Mr. Foia’s paperbacks for our guests to read while they are on ‘vacation’ at our cabins.

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