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An author of historical fiction, especially one with 40 years of research behind him, risks to bore his readers to distraction with “history lessons”. Keenly aware of this, I’ve gone to great lengths to “hide” the history and let my readers enjoy Vlad’s adventures in their pure, most thrilling form.

The fact that many readers have told me they “couldn’t put the book down, once they started reading it”, gives me hope that I’ve met that challenging desideratum.

But this doesn’t mean history isn’t there, lurking coyly just beneath the surface, waiting to delight its secret explorers. Many readers, like the writer of this review, have heard it’s siren call and have given themselves over to her.

Thank you reviewer Tom Manea for revealing my secret stratagem. History, not being a parsimonious lover, will welcome gladly all other readers eager to discover her and be seduced in their turn.

5.0 out of 5 stars A masterpiece of historical fiction!, March 5, 2013
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This review is from: Dracula Chronicles: Son of the Dragon (Volume 1) (Paperback)

When is the last time you enjoyed so much reading a book that you worried you would finish reading it too fast and that the magic of the moment goes away? That’s how I read this book, page by page and longing for more!
The story follows the youth of a well-known historical character 🙂 (Dracula) and from what I can tell the history part is very accurate … a very nice surprise to see an author that spent so many years and lots of travel on getting the right historical events so nicely put together …nice work!
The author was very skilled on bringing to life the good, the bad and the evil that plagued the humankind back then in time, so many centuries ago; this is a story about survival, intrigue, love and strong will … and if you think you have a hard life nowadays then think again, you will be amazed to find how difficult was just to stay alive, back then in the 15th century …
I found on Mr. Foia’s writing that finesse to details rarely seen on contemporary writings, so nicely put together with the fast action pace and well-rounded characters that, in the end, you realize that each page of this book will bring something that you will like … a lot!
If you want to enjoy some quality historical fiction writing, this book is for you, I am eagerly waiting for the next book in the trilogy!

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  1. Judith Wills says:

    This is a minor quibble, but I would like to point out that, despite the widespread popularity of the Draclula character, no author writing about him has “got it right” until Victor Foia’s depiction. So, yes, I am contradicting what Tom Manea says in the opening words of his review of the first part of The Dracula Chronicles when he says, “…a well-known historical character…” Fortunately for us fans, we now have the opportunity to really get to know the genuine Dracula, a far more attractive, fascinating, even seductive player on the literary stage!

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