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Hiding away at the end of the world to work on Book Two of the Dracula Chronicles

I’ve blogged in the past about extraordinary events that have taken place around me since I’ve begun working on the Dracula Chronicles. Whenever I traveled to a place to do research or actual writing, there always seemed be a major event taking place there. Sometimes it would happen just before my intended arrival date (which then had to be postponed); at other times soon after my departure. There have been earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, forest fires, acts of terrorism, widespread urban riots, volcanos… The list is long.

Then there was a MAJOR occurrence only days after I published Book One of the series, the Son of the Dragon. I’m referring to the dozens of skeletons spewed by a 900 year old cemetery in England, which just happens to be belong to the “Dracula Church” of Bram Stoker fame. Skeptics may read the UK press on the subject here.

It’s easy to dismiss such things as common coincidences. But are they?

And what about the numbers?

I’ve never been one to give any number a particular meaning; nor did I see anything unusual in the repeated occurrence of certain numbers in my daily life. But since writing the Son of the Dragon, numbers NINE and ONE, which play a significant role in the story, have started to pop up unexpectedly around me, again and again. I spoke about this in my radio interview on the Carlette Norwood show that over 1,250 people have listened to.

The incident I related to my interviewer made me think that perhaps numbers had a significance beyond the ordinary, after all; and that l had been, and still am, blind and deaf to their  meanings.

On January 9 [Note the “coincidence“], 2013, my wife and I left for Buenos Aires, Argentina, on a 30 day working vacation. The date was determined not by me, but by the availability of the apartment I rented for our stay. I chose Buenos Aires as my “author’s lair” for being the place farthest away from the Wallachia of my story, yet still exceedingly civilized. In Buenos Aires I would craft the Book Two plot and characters, unmolested by any familiar sights or sounds that might break my concentration.

Duhau Palace

Palacio Duhau in Buenos Aires, Neighbor to the Vatican Embassy

The night before our return from Argentina, February 9 [“coincidence” alert], 2013, Diane and I had dinner at Palacio Duhau in the heart of the Buenos Aires Recoleta district. It happens to neighbor the Vatican Embassy in Argentina.  The luxuriant vegetation you see topping the dividing wall on the left of the picture has it roots in the garden of the embassy.

Vatican Embassy Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Embassy of Vatican in Argentina

So what, you say?

Today, 03/13/13, headlines read, “Cardinals Pick Bergoglio, an Argentinian Cleric as the New Pope”. Bergoglio, the archbishop of Buenos Aires, replaces a pope who was the first to resign the papacy since Gregory XII did it in 1415, or within the half century that saw the birth of Dracula.

Oh, I forgot to point out that the Argentinian’s name has 9 letters. But you’ve observed that already. 🙂

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