“Son of the Dragon” Autographed First Edition

Dear Reader,

You know the first edition of the Dracula Chronicles, “Son of the Dragon”, will  become a valuable collector’s item. If you would like to increase its value with the author’s autograph,  please send an email to:
Please include the following:
a) When and where you purchased the “Son of the Dragon”
b) Your postal address (Readers outside the USA are welcome too)
c) The name of the person to whom you wish I dedicate the book (if you have purchased multiple copies of the book requests for multiple dedications are welcome)
Upon receipt of your request I will write the desired dedication on a large, white sticker and mail it to you. You may  then affix the sticker to the inside cover of the book and it will look indistinguishable from an autograph executed “live”.

One day someone will be grateful you took this thoughtful step. 🙂
Thank you,

Victor T. Foia
P.S. Sorry, but I have not figured the way to autograph eBooks



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