Mother’s Day Gift

As a gift that shows love on Mother’s Day flowers cannot be surpassed.

But if you are looking for a way to surprise a mother you love, get her a first edition autographed copy of Book One of the Dracula Chronicles, “Son of the Dragon”. It is a zero calories, low carbon-footprint gift that will provide entertainment for many hours. It is also the beginning of an adventure that your loved one will enjoy for years to come (SIX more volumes to follow).

No, don’t skip the flowers. But do skip the chocolates (of course, don’t tell her that was my suggestion LOL).

To help you celebrate Mother’s Day, here is a 25% coupon, valid through May 14, 2013:


Visit https://draculachronicles.com and select the option “Autographed Paperback Copy”.

Dont forget to let me know on the order form the name of that special mother (or the names of those special mothers) in your life, so I might inscribe the book to her (them). You can also write a dedication from you, that I will reinforce with my autograph.

I know, I should have thought about this discount coupon earlier. My bad, but I am new to marketing books. 🙂

Yes, your book might arrive just by the time the flowers you gave as the primary gift will have wilted.  But what a better way to help someone extend the feeling of being loved than by the gift of an exciting book? By the testimony of the Amazon reviews the book has been receiving, the “Son of the Dragon” is an exciting for mothers of all ages.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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