Dracula at St Mary's Church

St. Mary’s Church cemetery in Whitby, Yorkshire (UK), had never done this in its 900 years of existence. Not even when Bram Stoker featured the church in his unforgettable “Dracula” novel, published in 1897. And not once over the hundred years since, as countless movies, novels, musicals, balets, and graphic novels attempted to recapture Dracula or Vlad’s “essence”.

In December 2012, I finished the “Dracula Chronicles, Book One, the “Son of the Dragon”, and published it precisely on 12-21-12. I hope you still remember that would-be-fatal day, when according to the Mayan calendar the world was supposed to end. Practically at the same time part of the cliff on which the church is perched collapsed and human bones began to tumble over the town of Whitby below. St Mary’s Reverend Canon David Smith is quoted to say, ‘The cemetery has been closed for over a century, so if any graves are exposed it’s only bones.”

Only bones??? Easy for the Right Reverend to say. But might there not be more to it than that? Note that “over a century” places the the cemetery closing at the time Bram Stoker’s Dracula was launched. Why then, now, a hundred some years later, things that should have remained quiet for the eternity, begin to stir again? If you believe such coincidences are devoid of significance think about this one no more.

But if you believe there is more to it, let me and the readers of the “Dracula Chronicles” hear your views.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2259560/Dracula-church-raining-bones-Debris-cliff-graves-falls-town-landslide.html#ixzz2LxPf9IGl

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