On the Trail of Dracula

For many Dracula’s world is confined to the dense forests of Transylvania with its hill-top castles shrouded in mist. But while it’s true that Vlad, a.k.a. Dracula, was born there, he wandered for many years through a larger and more exotic world. The World of the Dracula Chronicles is as colorful and vibrant as Transylvania is dark and foreboding.

Venetian and Genovese merchants amassing fortunes by trade across four seas — their women, luxuriating in resplendent clothing, and made radiant by the cosmetics of the Silk Road —  slaves from all corners of the world — hermits, pirates, mercenaries — and throughout,  the menacing presence of the Ottomans, seething with the energy of a young empire — This is only a peek at the World of the Dracula Chronicles.

As Vlad pursued his destiny, perils rose at every step in front of him threatening to dash his hopes of ever fulfilling his quest. But so did sweet temptations, equally apt to divert the young prince from his mission.

I treaded in Dracula’s footsteps for many years, criss-crossing the World of the Dracula Chronicles in search for the insights that would help me understand the man behind the legend. I, too, encountered perils, and I, too, was tempted often to lose myself in that alien world. But my quest to write the story that has waited 500 years to be told always brought me mercifully back to my writing desk.

Come, join the adventure, and let yourself get lost, if but for a few hours, in the World of the Dracula Chronicles. Vlad and his companions await you.

Book One, “Son of the Dragon”, available now here

Book Two, “House of the Crescent Moon”, December, 2013.

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