Mature Vlad/Dracula

Mature Vlad/Dracula


Prinz Vlad III. Draculea, bekannt als Dracula oder Vlad Tepes, by German artist Ms. MayArt Maya Meritay.

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  1. Amber says:

    I love the portrait of a mature Vlad III.
    Here is a rendition of a mature Vlad by another German artist.
    It blows me away. Very influenced by the statues and woodcuts. It captures his handsomeness and ruthlessness in one portrait. I’m not ashamed to say that I would take his hand in a heartbeat!

  2. Lsorin says:

    Hello there!
    In this image is Vlad Dracu (Vlad II) the father Vlad Tepes.
    Vlad II was member of Order of the Dragon, as can be seen in image.

    • Victor says:

      The talented German lady who painted this portrait imagined Vlad III (Tepes), not his father. It seems to me this painting is inspired be the artist’s admiration (or even love) for Vlad Junior. Many of my readers have such sentiments for him, but I have seen no evidence of interest among readers for Vlad Senior.

      Incidentally, the fact that both historical characters are named Vlad is confusing to readers. And so is the occurance of Mircea (the Elder) and Mircea, Vlad III’s brother. My approach to eliminating readers’ confusion and frustration has been to change some of the names. Then, for those who whish to follow the historical characters on Google, I have provided the real names in the “Who is Who” appendix to the book(s).

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