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Front Cover

Recoleta Cemetery B and W

Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have the pleasure of announcing the publication of the second installment in the 7 volume Dracula Chronicles series, “Empire of the Crescent Moon”, available in both paperback and Kindle editions at Amazon USA, as well as at other Amazon outlets throughout the world (see list below).

Readers who prefer to read the book on the iPad, the iPhone, or on any other eReader instead of the Kindle, can download a free Kindle app from the Apple App Store.

Those who would like to own autographed first edition paperback copies, may order them from the Dracula Chronicles eStore (available for shipping to USA locations only).

Also available from these Amazon outlets:

Amazon UK, Amazon DE, Amazon SP, Amazon FR, Amazon IT, Amazon JP, Amazon AU, Amazon MX, Amazon BR, Amazon IN, Amazon CA

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