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5.0 out of 5 stars It was worth waiting!, April 25, 2014
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This review is from: Dracula Chronicles: Empire of the Crescent Moon (Volume 2) (Paperback)
It was worth waiting for the “Empire of the Crescent Moon”, really. The second book of „Dracula Chronicles” is even more interesting than the first one. This time the author takes young Vlad to “the other side of a border” – to many places, not all of them pleasant.
The author has already shown in Book One, that he is wonderful story-teller. I’d say that he is a master of creating literary characters as well. The main advantage of Mr. Foia’s prose is that he avoids one-dimensional characteristics (the “black and white” formula). It’s obvious that Vlad is the protagonist here, and many readers have already “made friends” with him. But when young Mehmed (the future sultan, a little younger than the Wallachian prince) appears on the scene… Well, I found it difficult to dislike this ambitious young boy. Simply one day, as we know from the history, they “will be in the rival teams”.
Sometimes the author surprises us. The “evil man” we’ve met in the Book one in truth is a… someone very unhappy. And the one who used to think about “food and wine” too often (I can’t help mentioning what role prunes play in the whole plot) turns out to be quite different man when his friend is in trouble. Even someone, who appears in only one scene, is presented in such a way that many readers will probably remember him (like Skanderbeg, future Albanian hero). If I wanted to say something about female figures in the books by Victor Foia too, I would have to write the whole essay, I’m afraid.
Besides, I found one of the most beautiful portraits of Vlad here. “Painted with words”, of course.
Young Vlad moves from one adventure to another (or would it be better said: from one trouble to another?), so “Empire of the Crescent Moon” will satisfy not only the readers of historical fiction, but also these, who like novels of high adventure. And the ending… Alfred Hitchcock wouldn’t do it better. This time it’ll be really difficult to wait patiently for Book Three.
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