Vlad Mature Without Headgear

Mature Vlad imagined by German Artist Maya Meritay

5.0 out of 5 stars Not your usual bloodsucking vampire novel!!, September 28, 2014
By J. Schultz “Voracious Book Hoarder” (Reno, NV) – See all my reviews
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This review is from: Dracula Chronicles: Son of the Dragon (Kindle Edition)
Look no more if you are interested in Dracula the vampire. This what it is….historical fiction. And very well written historical fiction!

I’m not a fan of historical fiction nor do I read romance (blech!) novels. They are often inexplicably combined with the usual scenario; woman is usually kidnapped or held against her will by an enemy or extortionist, whom she despises, then blah, blah, blah & they live happily ever after! This has none of that! It actually starts with Vlad Tepes coming of age in the early 1400’s & his rise to his station as ruler of Wallachia & the ongoing wars of Christendom & Islam.

It is obviously well researched for its time, at least to my limited knowledge of the time period. Mr Foia, the author, has included a huge amount of information in his maps, genealogy charts, & glossary among other additions that provides a wealth of details to refer to as you read! It is apparent there are going to be multiple volumes, at least one which is already in print & I’m definitely looking forward to them. It was easy reading & pulled you in where the usual reviews pronounce “I couldn’t put it down!” Well, I REALLY couldn’t put it down & not said lightly as Mr Foia really excels in his descriptions of people, places & things to put you as a bystander in watching Vlad growing up striving to become a man & a warrior with the impetuous & disregarding nature of a common teenager anxious to impress his father, in this case, the king! Wonderful imagery, the actual inclusion of real historical events & cultures, & content of well-written fiction makes for a wonderful novel for everyone’s interest; however, it may be best for 18+ individuals because of a bit of salacious & graphic material!


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