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[Sorry, because of the high cost of shipping outside the country I can accept USA Orders Only]

You  may now pre-order your autographed first edition copies at the Dracula Chronicles eStore.

Orders will be filled as soon as the eStore receives its stock. You will get an estimate of your ETA by email after you place your order.

Autographed copies make elegant, practical, and useful presents for the readers among your loved ones. And because each book will be inscribed with the name of person to whom you gift it, you can be virtually assured it will not be re-gifted, as many “commercial presents” are these days. lol

Please do not forget to let me know on the order form to whom you are dedicating the book. You may even add a message from you to the recipient of the gift, which I will copy by hand (no abusive language, please). And it is perfectly acceptable to dedicate the book(s) to yourself. 🙂

AGE APPROPRIATENESS WARNING: 14 or older (no upper age limit, unless at risk from too much excitement)

GENERAL WARNING: Dracula Chronicles may stir in readers an unnatural love for history, geography, and virtual travel to exotic places. If your wanderlust lasts more than 4 hours, there is no other known cure but to read all 7 volumes.


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