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***** cool…
on August 28, 2014
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Author’s note:

Some reviews reveal the reader’s passion for history; others her love for literature. Some reviews are mini personal essays,  small works of art on their own. Many are passionate; some are insightful. Whatever form they take, reviews are an independent writer’s lifeline. Even if they are as succinct as this one, ONE WORD!!!, reviews have the power to motivate the writer. When a book appears on Amazon every 5 minutes, only the reviews can separate quality writing from trash. So, if you have not yet written your review for either extant volume of the Dracula Chronicles, please sacrifice the time it takes to watch a bland TV commercial  and give the book your vote. Good or bad, it does not matter. Just let the author and prospective readers know what you think. If you are concerned about anonymity, Amazon makes that a non-issue by allowing the use of pseudonyms. Thanks. VTF

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