Spice Bazaar

Turkish Spice Bazaar

Not much has changed since Vlad/Dracula visited such a place in June 1442, with his friend Gruya. (See Chapter 6: In the Bedestan; Empire of the Crescent Moon, Book Two of the Dracula Chronicles)
Vlad and Gruya were dazzled by the same colors and enticed by the same aromas. Today, like in Vlad’s time, you can taste free samples of just about everything.
There would not have been either tin cans, or glass jars. Nor would there have been price tags in English 🙂
But you can be certain that virtually 100% of the fruits and spices were precisely the same. Read the book and be transported into the 15th century Ottoman Empire. And if you’ve read it already, tell us your impressions of Vlad’s and Gruya’s adventures in Edirne.


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