Dracula's Roots Reach Emperor's Trajan Forum in Rome

Dracula’s Roots Reach Emperor’s Trajan Forum in Rome

The land that is known today as Transylvania was two thousand years ago the heart of a mighty “barbarian” kingdom inhabited by a fierce race of warriors known as Dacians. These warriors made it their sport to cross the Danube at will, and raid the bordering Roman provinces. That alone would have offered ample justification to any self-respecting Roman emperor to retaliate in kind. But, as if being harassed by a bunch of wild mountain men were not enough to get the Romans’ attention, the Dacians also happened to be fabulously rich in silver and gold. For one emperor, Trajan, the motivation engendered by these circumstances proved irresistible. In a series of two wars (one he lost, one he won) Trajan defeated the Dacians, took their gold, killed most of their men, and enslaved, raped, or married their women. The story if these wars is carved in marble on a column erected in the heart of Rome, a column that has withstood two millennia of both, good and inclement weather.

The gold and silver the Romans took from the Dacians helped replenish the empire’s coffers, while the soldiers’ amorous endeavors gave birth, in time, to the Romanian people. Although more than a thousand years separated Vlad/Dracula from his Roman forefathers, he always felt a close kinship to them, reflected in his love of Latin and history of the Roman Empire.

To learn about the events leading to the birth of a people whose leader Vlad/Dracula became in the 15th century, read the splendid National Geographic article you will find here: Dracula’s Roman origin

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