Prince Charles in Transylvania

Read here about Prince Charles’s interest in Transylvania.

The area of Transylvania favored by HRM, Prince of Wales, is the land of Vlad/Dracula’s childhood. Vlad lived there (we may safely assume, happy) until his father crossed over the Carpathian Mountains into Wallachia to become King Dracul. The roots of the House Basarab, to which Vlad belonged, were fed by the soil of Wallachia, hence Vlad’s destiny was tied to that land. Although he never ruled Transylvania, he loved it and spent time there during his days as a refugee (Book Four of the Dracula Chronicles, “Death of Kings”). And, as you shall discover in Book Six​, it was in Transylvania that he found relief for his broken heart and from overwhelming worries in the arms of a blue-eyed, golden-haired angel reputed to be the most beautiful girl in Transylvania. Hint: If you’ve read the two extant volumes of the Dracula Chronicles, you’ve already met the girl. Factoid: the house the girl lived in is still standing in Brasov, town mentioned in Book One, “Son of the Dragon”, under the name of Kronstadt.



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  1. Sharon Meier/Dog Nanny says:

    Hi, there! I was looking for the House of War on Amazon however see only the first two books. When may I expect the third book? I have NEVER been this anxious about a series in my life. To me it’s a testament of the story telling, writing and general fascination with Vlad.

    Please hurry before I have a stoke!! HAHA!

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