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If you’ve ever dreamed of walking in Vlad/Dracula’s footsteps, this is your opportunity. And what a rare opportunity this is!

An enterprising Seattle fan of the Dracula Chronicles, Ms. Milena Sorée Dzamonja, has obtained the cooperation of a notable UK  travel specialist and that of a world-renowned expert on Transylvanian flora (as well as an occasional guide to HRM Charles, Prince of Wales, during his visits to Transylvania) to design an absolutely unique tour of Dracula’s homeland.

This is not a tour available anywhere “off-the-rack”, but rather one conceived especially for lovers of the real Dracula, as portrayed in my series, the Dracula Chronicles. Ms. Sorée Dzamonja, has invited me to accompany the tour as the unofficial Dracula historian. In that capacity I hope to enrich your experience with my own perspective on the life of one of the most fascinating characters in history.

Participation in limited to 30 travelers, so if interested, you must act quickly to register.

Visit the tour website here to learn the details of the tour, then contact Milena ( to register.

You are about to embark upon an adventure of a lifetime.

See you in Transylvania,




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  1. Heidi says:

    OMG! Just saw the details about the tour. Never before have I wished so badly I was born rich! This sounds like the adventure of a lifetime! Please tell me you will be posting pictures after the tour so I may live vicariously through you lol. I actually have a tour like this on my bucket list 🙂
    (especially a picnic at Poienari)

    • Victor says:

      Heidi, you are correct: It will be an adventure of a lifetime.
      The tour organizers have decided to push back the departure to May/June 2016. That will give us the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular meadows around Vlad’s birthplace in Transylvania, in full bloom at that time of the year.
      I intend to post pictures and comments daily throughout the duration of the trip, to give all my readers the chance to partake, albeit vicariously, in this unique walk on Vlad’s footsteps.

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