Mature Vlad on Horse Imagined by Italian Artist: Andrea Lula

Mature Vlad on Horse
Imagined by Italian Artist Andrea Lula and produced by Pegaso Models

I hope you can join this EVENT and listen to the Carmen Online Theater Group adaptation of Chapter 26 from Book One of “Dracula Chronicles – Son of the Dragon”. Ms.Liane Moonraven, Creator and Executive Producer, has assembled an international troupe of actors who will lend their voices to Vlad, Gruya, and Lash, as well as to the band of Akinci raiders they are pursuing (Omar, Zekaï, Sezaï, Redjaï). This is the first armed confrontation between Vlad, a.k.a. Dracula, and his life-long enemies, his Islamic Ottoman neighbors south of the Danube River.

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