Volcano A

At first sight this African volcano looked innocuous. I knew it wasn’t sleeping, but I thought “napping” made it just as safe. So why not fly right over the crater?

Volcano A

What harm could a little steam do? Right? As long as you didn’t have to make an emergency landing, the fly-over wasn’t going to be more of a challenge than a walk in the park.

You clear the crater and are on your way to Arusha to catch your flight to Dar al Salam.

Then you glance back and go WTF just happened???

Volcano B

Did I just miss my once-in-a-life-time chance to be on the Kelly File, Richard Quest, or perhaps even O’Reilly? Well, perhaps I’ll get there when I finish Book Eight of the Dracula Chronicles.

Volcano C

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  1. Amber says:

    Well, that was close. The adventures that you have had! Crazy enough to want to fly over an active cinder cone. It seems the only one whose life was more exciting than yours was Prince Vlad’s. Now that I have devoured book 3, it will be a long wait until I am able to return to his adventures. Oh the suffering. Thank you for introducing the world to Vlad and for trying to set the record straight on a man that has been vilified for centuries.

    Up next, the memoirs of Victor Foia, Adventurer…

  2. Amber says:

    Woops, that was close.
    Up next, “The Memoirs of Victor Foia, Adventurer”

    How do you think you will compare to Quatermain? 🙂

    • Victor says:

      Pope Pius II said of his former patron Emperor Frederick III that he was a man who whished to conquer the world while sitting down.
      I think I am an “adveturer” in Frederick’s mold who travels in too much comfort to be even remotely compared to true adventurers.
      Yet I have been privileged to meet with a few near misses and seen some spectacular sights as I traveled around the globe for half a century.

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