on June 15, 2016
OMG! Victor you’ve done it again! (my will power paid off, I took almost a week for this one instead of devouring it in one day like the first 2) #3 is good enough to do in one day though! It was totally worth the wait 🙂
You don’t have to be a fan of Dracula to enjoy this series. You don’t have to be a vampire fan either (cuz the vampire myth has been totally left out in exchange for truth) I have read many books about Prince Vlad and these are by far the best. It’s like reading a whole new story. Victor has weaved the true story of Dracula into a mind blowing tale that has an unparalleled entertainment value. All through this book (and the first 2 of the series) at different times I found myself on the edge of my seat, chewing my nails, yelling at the characters, laughing and crying. I am a huge bookworm but it is rare I find a book, no matter how good it is, that makes me feel emotions as if the events were happening to me. This book did just that, as did the first 2 of the series. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
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