Although Vlad, a.k.a. Dracula’s life story is replete with acts of violence and derring-do that one would suppose appeal more to men than women, a majority of his followers are females of all ages.

women who read are dangerous

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  1. Sharon Meier/Dog Nanny says:

    That’s because we love bad boys!

  2. Amber says:

    Not so much bad boys as Alpha Males. (Alpha male DOES NOT = macho jerk. The real thing will make you feel like a cherished, protected lady, no matter how ‘liberated’ you are. ) I have a thing for true leaders. If they make a promise, they keep it, they defend those they love, they are men who let nothing stop them from doing what needs done. I was born in the wrong century, I think. I see nothing wrong with a man willing to die for his principles, or kill for them. Vlad strikes me as the ultimate Alpha Male. And we love him for it. 🙂

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