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    • Judy Redd says:

      Victor, You were billed as the real life Most Interesting Man in the World by geek and Artist Supreme, John Borusheski. I’m excited to add your books to my summer reading here in Nova Scotia Do you ever attend the Readers Festival in Port Medway?

      • Victor says:

        I’m afraid I can’t live up to John’s overly generous assessment of my personality. But I hope my books will not disappoint you. Please join my community of FB friends by sending me a friend request. That way you will keep up to date with publishing news. I’ve got five more volumes to write before I finish Vlad’s (a.k.a. Dracula) story. As for attending festivals on the East Coast, regretfully it is not practical, as I live in the Pacific North West. Happy reading and please consider giving me your feeback.

      • Victor says:

        Hello Judy, Have you kept up with my Dracula Chronicles series? Four volumes are now available on Amazon. If you search Amazon for Victor Foia, you’ll lend on my page and be able to peruse some of my many 5 star reviews. I hope to hear from you.

        Best wishes,


  1. Nicole Brunskill says:

    For some odd reason, Vlad Tepes has always fascinated me. I always felt that the stories told of his cruelty were perhaps misinterpreted or there was a LOT more behind them than met the eye. I’ve always felt for the boy who fell into the royal hostage situation at the hands of the Turks, who I heard could dole out cruelty with one hand and riches with the other. I imagine it was a confusing situation to find yourself in at a young age.
    I love the Dracula Chronicles that you have been writing about our most intriguing character, Vlad, and his young friends. I have been enjoying the series if novels immensely and am on tenterhooks, waiting for number 4 to come out!

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