Published:  March 5, 2014

Dracula is among the best-known men in the world, yet arguably the least understood. While many stories have been told about both the real and the fictional Dracula, Foia’s account benefits from the unique perspective of a Transylvanian native. Under his pen, Dracula Chronicles finally pierces the veil of mystery that has shrouded the Wallachian king for over 500 years. The multivolume historical novel unfolds in vivid detail Dracula’s metamorphosis from a naïve prince to the ruthless law-and-order king whose deeds have spawned the most enduring vampire legend. Taking place on the backdrop of the dying Middle Ages and the blossoming of the Renaissance, Dracula Chronicles is replete with passions, ambitions, betrayals, and revenge.

Book Two of the series, Empire of the Crescent Moon, follows young Prince Vlad, a.k.a. Dracula, on his journey into the heart of the Ottoman Empire. Soon he comes to regret his impulsive decision to cross the Danube into the world ruled with absolute power by Sultan Murad of the House Osman. It is a world in which nothing is what it seems, and where mortal danger lurks around every corner. Away from his native land of Wallachia, where he could rely on martial skills and friends, now Dracula has only his wit to sustain him. As things go from bad to worse, help comes to Dracula from a most unexpected quarter.

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  1. Heidi says:

    When is book 2 going to be available? I’ve been on pins and needles since I read the first one last spring! I’ve been looking forward to December for this book instead of Christmas! Loved the first one. Should be released every 6 months instead of one per year! Keep up the great work Victor 🙂

    • Victor says:

      First, I thank you so much for your kind words at the address of Book One, “Son of the Dragon”.

      Second, I apologize sincerely for being a bit late. You are only one of the MANY-MANY readers who’ve expressed similar disappointment with my tardiness. I promised “December”, but life got a bit in the way. 🙂

      The book is finished and undergoing now the final preparations for publication. I do very much believe it will be out within 60 days. If you have “Liked” the Face Book page ( you will see my notification of the publication event.

      A note of caution: Book Two, “Empire of the Crescent Moon” will come out in paperback first, and in the Kindle edition a few weeks later.

      As for having each volume follow the previous one at 6 months interval, it is something beyond my creative powers. Even though I have done decades of research, each volume requires additional intensive reading. I’ve been told by many readers that the book “reads easily”. But I am reminded frequently during my work of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s saw: “Easy reading is damn hard writing”. LOL

    • Victor says:

      Hi Heidi,

      Book Two is on Amazon now

  2. Jo says:

    Really good book. Great detail and quite a variety of characters throughout. I am learning alot of new things about Vlads world.

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