Published: May 19, 2016

Dracula is among the best-known men in the world, yet arguably the least understood. While many stories have been told about both the real and the fictional Dracula, Foia’s account benefits from the unique perspective of a Transylvanian native. Under his pen, Dracula Chronicles finally pierces the veil of mystery that has shrouded the Wallachian king for over 500 years. The multi-volume historical novel unfolds in vivid detail Dracula’s metamorphosis from a naïve prince to the ruthless law-and-order king whose deeds have spawned the most enduring vampire legend. Taking place on the backdrop of the dying Middle Ages and the blossoming of the Renaissance, Dracula Chronicles is replete with passions, ambitions, betrayals, and revenge.

Book Three of the series, “House of War, shows Prince Vlad, a.k.a. Dracula, stranded in the Asian reaches of the Ottoman Empire. While plotting his escape, Vlad’s friendship with Sultan Murad’s two sons gives him undreamed-of insights into the workings of the empire. As deadly dangers crowd upon Vlad, the sultan secures his safety in an unusual way. Vlad’s idea for repaying the sultan’s kindness could change the course of history.

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  1. Sharon/Dog Nanny says:

    Hurry please. Have been waiting a long time for book 3! Can’t wait.

  2. Heidi (your resident pest) says:

    So excited for book 3! After the way book 2 ended, the curiosity is killing as we all know he made it through life with 2 hands…..Who is going to save him!
    I must say this is the best serious of books I have read EVER! If you are reading this and haven’t started the series, get on it! you are missing out! Keep up the good work Victor! Looking forward to more adventures!!

  3. Amber says:

    Waiting like a spider for book 3.
    Thank you, Victor, for your unique view of Prince Dracula.

    • Victor says:

      Dear Amber,

      Thank you for your loyalty to Vlad and for your patience toward the author. “House of War” (Book Three of Dracula Chronicles) is now complete and undergoing the final stage of editing and proofreading. I am optimistic you’ll be able to read it no later than next month (April). And when you do, please let me know if the wait was worthwhile.

      In the meantime, Vlad has asked me to send you his “heart” 🙂

      • Amber says:

        I would gladly accept his heart. I’ve already lost mine to him.
        Vlad Dracula, Iubitul meu.

        • Heidi says:

          I have lost mine to him as well, Amber, and like you, would gladly accept his heart! What girl wouldn’t want the heart of the of the baddest badass ever?? 😉

  4. Sharon Meier/Dog Nanny says:

    Am waiting with bated breath! Come on March 31st.

  5. Sharon Meier/Dog Nanny says:

    I have no doubts!

  6. Yamini says:

    When will the Kindle release?

    • Victor says:

      I hope it will publish by the end of next week (possibly sooner). Only some minor technical issues remain, but the publisher is moving sloooowly.

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