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Transylvanian Author Turns Four Decades of Research Into “Dracula Chronicles”

For 40 years Foia scoured libraries, museums, churches, monasteries, mosques and mausoleums spanning 2 continents. In the end, he utilized this vast knowledge of the subject to recreate Dracula’s World in an epic multi-volume historical novel.


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“Son of the Dragon” Book Cover

Jan. 4, 2013 – SeattleWA — Seattle author and resident, Victor T. Foia, has published the first volume of the “Dracula Chronicles” series, “Son of the Dragon”, now available on Amazon

Dracula is certainly among the best-known men in the world, yet arguably the least understood. While many stories have been told about both the real and the fictional Dracula, Foia’s account benefits from his extensive research and the unique perspective of a Transylvanian native.

Foia visited the castles, fortresses, dungeons, and underground chambers that witnessed the life of his protagonist Dracula. He interviewed historians in Romania and Turkey to capture new insights into the makeup of his elusive compatriot. Under Foia’s pen, the “Dracula Chronicles” series finally pierces the veil of mystery that has shrouded the Wallachian king for over 500 years.

“Dracula was immoderate in everything except moderation,”said Foia. “His wrath for evildoers knew no limits, and his passion for women was volcanic. Women shielded their men from his sword, while men shielded their women from his… looks. Regardless, once he had them in his sights, not many of either gender got away.”

Book One of the series, “Son of the Dragon”, begins Dracula’s epic journey that will see the young prince become, in future volumes, the famed strongman, warrior, and object of women’s interest who captured the imagination of millions.

“Dracula was a consummate lover and a born heartbreaker,” said Foia. “Powerfully built, he had flowing black hair and gleaming white teeth. Both men and women found his bright-green eyes beguiling, but obviously for different reasons.”

Fighter, reader of history, and lover of languages, young Dracula used his skill at arms, knowledge, and wits to overcome impossible odds confronting him. Then, with a single impulsive step he launched himself into a hostile world capable of devouring even the strongest men.

About Victor T. Foia: Born in Transylvania, Foia studied theoretical physics at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj. At the height of the Cold War, Foia, only 22 at the time, escaped from behind the Iron Curtain and defected to Italy. There he spent time in U.N. refugee camps and subsequently emigrated to the United States. After he graduated from the University of Illinois and University Dallas, Foia pursued a career in international executive management before dedicating himself full time to writing historical fiction. When not traveling in Dracula’s footsteps throughout Europe and the Middle East, Foia divides his time between Seattle and Door County, WI, with his wife Diane.

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  1. Skip LaRosa says:

    I just finished the Son of the Dragon and can not wait for Book Two.I became enchanted with our hero Vlad because of his values of loyalty,concern for the underdog and willingness to take risks.
    The story moves swiftly and I hated to put the book down.One of my favorite tales is the Lord of the Ring,whch I would place this story in context with.
    The author brings everyone to life.I got the feeling that I knew each one of them.
    At least now I know that childhood understanding of a blood thirsty dracula villian is false and found a person of with great values.
    I would recommend this book to all and believe that you will find it a very enjoyable read.
    Mr. Foia, now lets get the next book finished,so I continue my journey with Vlad.
    Thank you for the read.
    Skip LaRosa

  2. Sarahjane says:

    Looking forward to exploring your works.

    xsarahjanex on behalf of Whitby Dracula Society 1897

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