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  1. Dennis Bierly says:

    A whole lot better than the phone business, ain’t it.

  2. Angelco Ricardo Momirov Vladislav Basarab Dracula Tepes says:

    This Is the most accurate stoy and timeline of the history of Dracula ever wrighten. I can not wait till Christmas to read more! MOVIE MOVIE!!! about time some one told the truth of the real Dracula!!! Thank you Victor Foia!

  3. Bob Bliss says:

    Victor congratulations. This will be so much fun when the book comes out. When will I get my signed copy?


    • Victor says:

      Bob, the eBook version will be out at Christmas, being the top priority. It will be on Amazon (including Australia, UK, and France – only in English for the time being), on Apple iTunes (in 32 countries), on Barnes and Noble, etc. Then, in the spring I will issue a paper version. When that happens, I’ll come down to CA and sign a copy for you.

  4. Ioana says:

    i CAN”T WAIT to read this! Good luck with the “launch”! And if it ever gets made into a movie, PLEASE don’t let either Robert Pattison or Kristen Roberts play in it! i would definitely NOT pay to see it.

  5. Ann Milam says:

    Enjoyed your intro–is this a “bodice ripper?” I vaguely remember that the movie was…even to historians, sex sells…especially a lurid image on the cover…

    Best of luck!

  6. Victor says:

    It will be a “ripper”, Ann, but more than bodices will see their demise. There will passion, love, and even sex, although I do not intend to compete with 50 Shades of Gray. Who could? LOL

  7. I know Victor personally since 1963, and I consider him one of my intimate friends. Victor Foia is a born intellectual, with multiple qualities in technology, art, literature and general culture. He spent several years on researching for these books and I am waiting for the books to be published. I am old style of person, who likes reading the books in my hand and save them in my library. I will ask Viorel (as I call him) to autograph his books to me.

    • Victor says:

      Thank you, Pista Bacsi! You have always been an inspiration to me. I learned from you many things, and some of them were very good :-)

  8. Brian H says:

    I got the pleasure of speaking with this man for over an hour last night. His story is incredible. I plan on getting a kindle for Christmas and downloading this book as my first book. After listening to this man speak and the information he contains this is going to be a best seller. Thanks for calling me last night… Your friend.. Brian.

  9. Silke Olsen says:


    I can hardly wait to read “Son of a Dragon!” Congratulations on becoming an author; so very exciting!

    Your neighbor,

  10. James Cox says:

    I must admit at first i was very skeptical of a fiction novel about Vlad. After reading Mr. Foia’s bio I decide to buy it and give it a read. I could not put it down. I was amazed at the creativity, and the historical accuracy blended together.
    I am also glad westerner’s have a chance to be exposed to the life and times of Vlad, written by someone who has done the historical research.
    One question I must ask to satisfy my curiosity, when will cousin Stephen be brought into the story line?

    • Victor says:

      James, I thank you for your compliments. I normally shy away from questions pertaining to the contents of the series, for fear of spoiling the readers’ pleasure in the “discovery” process. But I think the question about Stephen does not fall in that category. He will emerge in Book Four or Five (forgive me for not having decided that detail yet). But I must warn you that my book is a rather iconoclastic one, and many of the personalities of the time we’ve been taught to worship like demi-gods will be brought down among us humans. The process is not arbitrary but rather based on my research and of my “old man’s” understanding of human nature. I don’t want you to be disappointed learning that some of your heros might have had feet of clay. :-)

      It would be great if you converted your comments here in a review on Amazon. I am sure there are many skeptics out there who might be convinced to enter into Vlad’s World by your cogent and persuasive arguments.

  11. Krystyna Walc says:

    I’ve been interested in the literary legend of Wallachian ruler Vlad Dracula, named also Vlad the Impaler, for several years. I try to find everything what has been written about him – both historical books, and literary fiction (music and pictures as well) . Yes, it’s my research work, but that doesn’t deprive me of “normal” reader’s pleasure when I find some interesting and well written book. I was glad to learn that a new novel has been published – “Son of the Dragon” (the first part of “Dracula Chronicles”) by Victor T. Foia. My curiosity has even increased when I have read on the webpage that Mr. Foia is Romanian, born in Transylvania, not far from Vlad’s birthplace. I ordered the book at once. I live in Poland, so I had to wait for it a little. (By the way – please forgive my English; it’s my first review written in foreign language).
    For I’ve been interested in the “real” Vlad Dracula, I paid special attention to this character in the novel. The trouble with heroes from the past is that many facts are lost for history. As far as Vlad Dracula is concerned there is another difficulty – what most people know about him is “dark legend of bloodthirsty tyrant” created by his enemies. If we had a story written by his comrades in arms or by somebody from his court, it could be quite different tale. (Well… let’s not forget about Bram Stoker’s vampire too). I think it’s great that contemporary writers do their best to get through this dark legend and show the real man Vlad could be.
    Victor Foia shows us a young prince, just on the borderline between the boy’s age and manhood. The young knight, who believes in honor and honesty and these virtues must be confronted with dishonest world he enters. Well, he is also “hot-blooded” person – if there is an opportunity to take a risk, it’s sure he will do. And sometimes… yes, in some episodes he resembles all these fabulous and legendary young heroes, who must leave their ordinary lives one day and “travel towards their destiny”.
    I believe that readers will “make friends” with young Vlad, as presented by Mr. Foia. Many of them probably has already done it.
    I read the novel with great pleasure. The author is wonderful story-teller indeed. He has a real gift. I became fond of young Vlad, his relatives and friends very quickly. I was moved when Vlad couldn’t kill a wolf, although he and his father were in danger. A was amused when Vlad and his brother, young knight’s, willing to show their skills in tournament, didn’t know which would be better – to ask father for permission before or for mercy after.
    What I like best in the writer’s style is a special kind of “sensuality” (psychologists probably have better word for it). The reader can “see”, “hear”, sometimes also “smell” and “touch” the world created in the novel (I almost felt softness of wolf’s fur). Besides, Mr. Foia is perfect when describing feelings of human body (heat in hands and head, change of breath and of heartbeat and so on). The episode when Vlad recovers after rescuing Piccolomini is the best in my opinion – all these feelings of half-conscious man. Maybe that’s the very special feature of the writer’s own sensitivity.
    Although we know real Vlad’s story more or less, “Son of the Dragon” leaves the reader with many questions. Will Vlad meet some of the persons he met in this volume again? Will he see Christina, beautiful sheperd’s wife, who was his first lover? Or maybe Tulip, gipsy woman, the bear-handler? And what about eight-year-old Katharina, who believes that “princes are strong and handsome, and they rescue people of danger”? Will Vlad find her father, as he has promised? And will the wicked Omar be ever punished? The first part of the novel ends in the right moment to keep readers’ interest, I think. To know the answers we must wait for next parts of “Dracula Chronicles”. I’m waiting.

  12. Eric Miller says:

    My Brother,

    I am so delighted that you are living the dream, and putting your literary prowess to work for all to see. I am definitely excited about the book and can’t wait to read this fascinating and awe inspiring production. I have to admit that I don’t know much about Dracula, Vampires and European folklore, but you certainly have my attention. I’m proud to be in association with a man of your intelligence and character, and if the book represents an extension of the author himself, I know I won’t be able to put it down. Congratulations on this tremendous endeavor, and I’ll see you next week in Colleyville.

    Your Brother,

    Mr. Big E

    • Victor says:

      Brother Eric,

      I hope the reading of my book will entertain and inform you at the same time. I look forward to seeing you in Colleyville next week.

      Your Older Brother Victor

  13. LindsayIrene says:

    I read through the first book SO FAST. I just Followed your Facebook page so I know exactly when book#2 is available. I can’t wait :)

  14. Heidi says:

    When is the second book going to be released? Dying to read it!

  15. Heidi says:

    So I already bothered you earlier in the month about the release of Book 2, but I am wondering if there is an approximate date in February for release of Book 2? The suspense is mind blowing even after studying Vlad, knowing the basics of what’s coming, I’mon pins and needles to read your version! Best of luck in the writings of the rest of the series!

  16. Victor says:

    Dear Heidi,

    You are not bothering me at all. Authors write for curious and appreciative readers like you.

    The reason I can’t say for sure when the book will be on Amazon is that in this last phase of preparation I can’t control the timing. I expect to receive the manuscript from my editor by the end of this month and I will immediately send it to the publisher. They will take a first pass at the interior design (mercifully the outer cover is already finished) and return it to me within 2 weeks. If I find no flaws, the next step is for them to print the first hard copy and mail it to me to proof. That takes another week or so. If the proof copy has no defects, I place the book on line the same day. So, in the best case (no errors on the publisher’s part) the book will be available in paperback edition last week in February (with the Kindle edition to follow a couple of weeks later). But if any one of those two steps runs into some defects, its back to work for the publisher and consequently more delays for my readers. :-(

    I apologize for not being able to do it a bit faster. I will try to be more efficient with Book Three, “House of War”, on which I have already started to work. With a bit of luck and a lot of effort I hope to be able to publish it in December, 2014. But seeing how Book Two managed to slip by 2-3 months, I confess I am no longer as optimistic about schedules as I used to be.

    Thank you for being such a loyal reader.

    And I must ask: have you written a review on Amazon? If you haven’t, please do so. I will personally appreciate it very much, but more importantly, so will prospective readers, many of whom make their decision to read or not to read based on reviews.

    Stay in touch.


    • Heidi says:

      I have written a few book reviews on amazon and can honestly say I’m not sure on this one. I think i have but i will check my account and if not, will do so ASAP! Thanks again for your great telling of Vlad ‘s story. Looking forward to the rest of the series!!

  17. Steve Kopel says:

    Victor, I have begun reading “Empire” and am really enjoying it. It has been awhile since I read your first book, Son of the Dragon, but have had no trouble picking up the story. You’ve done a terrific job and it’s a special to treat to read a good book and know the author! All the best,

    • Victor says:

      Thank you, Steve. The delay in reading the “Empire of the Crescent Moon” might serve you well, since Book Three, the “House of War” is a bit delayed itself. I now see it coming on line at the end of summer 2015. I look forward to your Amazon review for the “Empire of the Crescent Moon”.

  18. haridas says:

    This will be another work filled with tales of bloodletting,wars against enemies,personal caprices,horror filled and adventurous battles,escapes,methods of torture and vast spaces of killing fields enacted by a ruler who was,personally speaking,mentally deranged and nothing much to sing praises about.Chengiz khan,Timor,and Attila before them have done the same thing,but compared to them Dracula ever lived in the fear of Turkish/Islamic domination where as the others were empire builders who ploughed their way with tact strategy and unmatched sense of military maneuver.Mongols built the largest empire by spatial extant in history by sheer determination,patience and through preparedness and planning.utilizing available resources effectively.But Dracula has none of these qualities,at least mongols and Turks spared populations willing to submit from massacre.where as Dracula was a wanton reckless murderer with purely sadistic intentions.He deserved nothing but another another stake for impalement.

    • Victor says:

      @ Haridas: Your perspective noted. However, making judgments and predictions about a book you haven’t read is gratuitous. If you wish to enlighten my prospective readers, an objective literary analysis of the extant volumes would better serve that purpose.

    • Milena says:

      @ Haridas: I am sorry, I do not understand – have you read these books books? If not, you have no idea what’s in them and whether these books are worth reading or not.

      I wonder why you think your opinion is worth anything….

    • Heidi says:

      War was a way of life in 15th century Europe. Dracula was not a mentally deranged reckless murderer with sadistic intentions, he was just very good at utilizing psychological warfare. We are however all entitled to our own opinions.

  19. Heidi says:

    I’m back being a pest! Dying to read book 3 and I’m wondering if you have a ballpark estimate of release? Or at least when you are shooting for? After you explained the process to me I know it’s kinda out of your control though. My kindle died so I ordered the paperback copies so I could re read them to have it all fresh in my mind! I nearly have book one memorized lol. I have put reviews on Amazon and have also been recommending them to anyone who will listen to me :) I dare say the only downside to this series is that I can read them faster than you write them. Again, I am soooo looking forward to House of War. Keep up the great work!

    • Victor says:

      Hello Heidi,

      First of all, you are not being a pest in any way. Authors love enthusiastic readers like you. I thank you, both for your endorsement of my literary efforts and for spreading the word among your friends.

      My ballpark estimate for publishing the “House of War” is 2015. I am, however, pushing hard to have it on Amazon in the fall, hopefully no later than October, 2015. I am at about the midpoint now, and I can tell you, in confidentiality, that Vlad is still getting into trouble at every possible opportunity. And I am already working, in the background, on Book Four, “Death of Kings”, which I intend to publish in 2016. You can see already the Book Four cover on my home page.

      I realize that it is a big “downer” for my readers to have to wait so long between volumes. On the other hand, if they had all 7 volumes available at one time, fast readers like you would zip through the entire series in a few days, then forget it (and Vlad, and me) forever. lol By publishing at intervals of 12-18 months, my readers will stay with Vlad and his companions for over a decade.

      All kidding aside, I will apply myself with determination to telling Vlad’s story as reasonable fast as I can.

      Happy reading,


  20. Marty says:

    Hi Victor. Wow, where do I start? Took you to a Bears game with sideline passes in the 90’s when we were in the phone business. What a fantastic accomplishment, and a FAN BASE! Congratulations!

  21. Amber says:

    Son of the Dragon & Empire of the Crescent Moon have been ordered. Now I will have to wait several very long days to read them. Dancing with anticipation and impatience. :)

  22. Robert Bond says:

    Dear Mr. Foia,

    I have completed the Empire of The Crescent Moon and I am hooked.

    Although I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, it seems as if the momentum of the second book has a pace, cadence, vitality and appeal which rides on the crest of the first books foundation and i eagerly await the 3rd in this series.

    Thank you so very much for sharing your gift.

    Only the very best,


    Robert D. Bond, Cameron James, LTD., Inc.

    • Victor says:

      Dear Bob,

      I am glad I was able to entertain you for a few hours. Book Three, “House of War”, is with my editor now and you should be able to get back into Dracula’s world in March or April, 2016. I look forward to your feedback and Amazon reviews.


      • Heidi (it's me again lol) says:

        YAY!!! I hope it can make it for March. That would be a badass birthday present! As I said before I got the paperback copies so the whole story could be fresh in my mind for House of War. Not that our young prince is easily forgettable lol! I am already trying to build up the willpower to take my time reading it and not just devour it in one day like I did the first two. Then I get sad when I’m finished. Not only am I excited for book 3, but I am also very much looking forward to reading your take on his adventures when he seemingly vanished after his first short reign. I can honestly say my interest in the life of Prince Vlad is going from interest to obsession, and I thank you for feeding it! Once again, keep up the good work and best of luck in the rest of the series. Looking forward to our Prince’s shenanigans! :)

  23. Heidi says:

    I am wondering if there are any updates on House of War? I know the editing phase is out of your hands but just curious if there is any news. I am very much looking forward to spending some time with our favorite prince :)

    • Victor says:

      Dear Heidi,

      There are 4 more steps left in the postproduction work:

      a) Having absorbed (or rejected) my editor’s red markings (I finished doing that today), I now must read the manuscript once more from the beginning to the end. I will do that in the next 2 days.

      b) I have to add the graphics (maps, etc.) to the MS. This will take a couple of hours only, since all the graphics are complete already.

      c) Submit the final MS to Amazon. I am planning to do that by no later than Sunday evening.

      d) Wait for the Amazon electronic proof. They promise to provide it within 5-10 working days. If I uncover no errors on their part, I push a button and the book is on line. If there are errors in their formatting, it will take them another 5 working days to correct them.

      In conclusion, if everything goes perfectly, the book will be on line before the end of April. If there are any mishaps (which I cant’t control :-( ) there will be a small slip, but only of days.

      A final note: The first version to go on line will be the paperback edition. The Kindle one will come about two weeks later.

      I am TRULY sorry to make you wait so long.


  24. Trick says:

    Hello Victor,

    I am curious, will you be releasing these as audio books in the future?

    I know that Amazon facilitates getting authors and professional readers together and I was hoping you would go that route.


    • Victor says:

      Hello Trick,

      I have received the request for audio books from many readers. I, myself, am an audio books enthusiast. The issue at the moment is threefold: a) Time. I would have to produce a version of the text that is conducive to being listened to. For example, the paragraphs where a character’s inner thoughts are shown in italics, without a “tag” (e.g. “he thought”) would have to be re-written with a “tag” to avoid confusion for the listener; and the foreign terms and expressions that are now translated in line only the first time they are encountered, might have to be translated inline every time, since the listener has no access to the glossary. b) Finding a voice talent willing to learn the proper pronunciation of all foreign words in the books (names, localities, expression, etc.). Experience to date shows a reluctance on the part of voice artists to expend the energy necessary to learn these things. c) Although Amazon does facilitate the production of audio books, the costs are still significant.

      I hope that with the addition of a couple more volumes, the sales will reach a level that would permit me to overcome these two obstacles. :-)

      Thank you for your interest in my books.


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